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Struggling Ashburg Katto employed to manage Facebook page as situation hits hard

Former Facebook blogger Ashburg Katto who claims to be the reason why President Museveni blocked Facebook in Uganda has finally come back to the app in secrecy as socialite Medi Moore’s Facebook page manager.

The motor mouthed blogger was revealed to the public today by the socialite.

“Fam join me in welcoming our new COO (Chief Operations Officer) and head of the admin panel for this page. Everything posted here shall go first go through him,” Medi Moore announced.

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It should be noted that Ashburg and other NRM bloggers were censored by Facebook for various reasons which pushed Museveni to block the app promising that it will only be unblocked once their pages are reinstated. 

The bloggers tried opening different accounts in other names but Facebook recognised them and refused to open the accounts for them hence resorting to Twitter.

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Ashburg took to Twitter and vowed to make Facebook lose users in Africa if Zuckerberg doesn’t apologise to him in person. He said he was to make the billionaire lose business in Africa by starting up a social media app of his own. 

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To date, Zuckerberg has never apologised and the app is still banned in the country. 

Without Facebook, Ashburg’s life has become miserable as he has on many occasions revealed how he is struggling even though he once in a while receives favors from NRM.