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Comedians Madrat and Chiko neutralize DJs for feeling themselves as music industry Gods

The comedy duo of Madrat and Chiko have risked the wrath of modern day deejays and emcees after they made crushing remarks, bashing their importance to the music industry.

The two comedians made their feelings known after they alleged that Ugandan DJs tend to overrate their importance in the music industry.

It is a common belief that DJs play a big role in the promotion of music through giving airplay to singers in bars, disco halls, and nightclubs. However, Madrat and Chiko believe that they don’t put in much work to make them superior they look down artistes.

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In an interview with a local television, Madrat and Chiko said they now see a reason why Jose Chameleone used to beat up DJs because they have developed a tendency of being nosy and arrogant and don’t stay in their lane.

“DJs play a role towards the success of a song and an artiste as a whole however, Ugandan DJs tend to overrate their importance. Some even overlook musicians and it is the reason why Jose Chameleon used to beat them,” Madrat and Chiko asserted.

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There have always been scandals between artistes and DJs in Uganda, especially in bars and clubs, as the two camps tear at each other over matters of disrespect. Years ago, Mowzey Radio (RIP) was on the spot for beating a deejay and throwing his laptop in a swimming pool for failure to play his music.

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