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Don Zella thrown into tears as husband’s health deteriorates the more

US based Ugandan blogger Don Zella who also an ex to singer Big Eye has expressed her pain through social media saying that her white husband Anderman Daku’s health condition is deteriorating. 

Two days ago, the mother of three took to social media and announced that Anderman is suffering from Covid-19 and his condition was threatening.

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“Any bad news to the kids is really bad news. Preparing them for the bad news is the worst feeling. Mukama Yamba embera sinungi,” She added .

On Thursday evening, Zella made another post stressing that the father of her two children’s life was in danger.

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“Akyali mu coma mwamaze two weeks nekitundu in Abu Dhabi. I appreciate the overwhelming messages and calls we still need your prayers for taata wabaana to pull through. Anderman daku you are a great man,” She revealed.