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NUP gang swear to do this to Mikie Wine after betraying Bobi Wine

As section of National Unity Platform- NUP supporters were on Sunday left in shock after Bobi Wine’s brother, Mikie Wine attended a church service at their enemy Pastor Bugingo’s church where he also performed.

It should be recalled that Bugingo has on several occasions confessed his hate for NUP and Bobi Wine specifically. 

The supporters did not expect Bobi’s brother who has been claiming that he’s in the struggle to dine with their enemy. 

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As though that wasn’t enough betrayal already, Mickie while appearing on NBS After 5 disclosed that Bobi Wine has not contributed anything towards his success. This angered the NUP gang more.

For these reasons, they have vowed to pelt bottles at him just the way they did to singer Big Eye Starboss. 

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“Gwe lindilila obuchupa mu bitibwa boi” Nakimuli Jamila

“Ani akusudiya mukwaya. Any time olina okwetonda,” Shadia Umar.

Some told him that without Bobi Wine he wouldn’t have been where he is right now. 

“Mikie tolina byoyimba just bakusudiya we forced ourselves to love you because of Bobi wine naye obipamyemu sebo,” Mase Francis Mash said.

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“Taano tolina byoyimba for 20 years old upcoming oba obusente wabufuna munjaga katonda yamanyi just manyi nti oliira ku Bobi Wine singa site teli yalibadde akumanyi Kati nga bwali mu politics era Sala magezu ofuneyo,” Level Ku Level stressed.