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Kaiyz leaps to MC Kats’ defence after he is dumped by Caroline Marcah

We recently reported to you how Bukede TV presenter Caroline Marcah revealed in a TikTok video that she is heartbroken, single and searching for someone to be in a relationship with.

This came as a shock since it was almost a known and accepted fact that Marcah was Mc Kat’s girlfriend, atleast according to boundless rumours. The rumours had gone into overdrive after the two media personalities became worryingly close.

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Marcah’s TikTok video implied that her alleged relationship with the self proclaimed King of The Mic had finally ended in tears.

This has forced Next Media Services employee Kaiyz Kawaalya who is Mc Kats’ co-worker and friend to come out to comfort the dumb founded star presenter.

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“I advise Mc Kats to get a young girl like Pinky to avoid heartbreaks, otherwise Caroline Marcah what you have done is very wrong.

“Kats has done for you everything but you choose to hurt him? It would be someone else, not you Carol. My guy Kats calm down, you are not alone, we are together in this,” He consoled.

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