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Home Entertainment Netizens throw dust on Zari Hassan for enlarging ‘bum’ with surgery (See...

Netizens throw dust on Zari Hassan for enlarging ‘bum’ with surgery (See Photos & Screenshots)

Zari Hassan bashed for enlarging her bum with surgery (See Photos & Screenshots)
Zari Hassan

We are in a generation where the beauty of a woman is measured by how well shaped her body is, skin complexion, her lips as well as how big her but is.

Famous American reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her sisters have made millions of money from their botched bodies and have now inspired more rich women to go for surgeries to get perfect bodies and skin. It now appears ageless Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has taken to the trend.

The South Africa based socialite and businesswoman is undoubtedly beautiful, with a body that other ordinary African women can only find in their dreams. However, despite the ethereal beauty and stinking wealth Zari still feels incomplete.

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The socialite always works hard to become picture perfect. Just like the Kardashians, and has on many occasions been accused of photoshopping her pictures and making her waist and arms look smaller than they really are.

A big stomach, saggy arms and small bum would put someone below the beauty standards of this generation and Zari doesn’t seem to want to be considered not beautiful which is why she has invested money in herself in good shape.

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A few days ago, she posted two pictures in which she was dressed in a body tight dress that exposed her almost perfect waist.

Hours later, she took to her Instagram and posted a video clip in which she was dressed in gym suits with her bum looking unusually bigger and packed.

Social media users were quick to spot the difference in her current bum size from her previous one, accusing her of having had surgery to enhance her behind.

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“Wabula plastic surgery Ali kwono Kati ebina lilagila dala nti lipatike” Robina Nakajjubi lashed out.

“Surgery surgery surgery ebina kiwani” Nabagala Lindah chipped in.

“Akabina tekabalancinga bulungi” Sharon Zerah added with scorn.

“Diamond yaduse fake Bina nagenda ku original.” Patience Pattie lunged in as well.

One social media user commented on the socialite’s pictures asking her to stop faking the waist, prompting her to respond by telling her to ask her for her surgeon’s contact number instead of hating on her.

See screenshots below: