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Fille Mutoni furious with women who accuse her of snatching their men, bitter war surge

Songstress Fille Mutoni is an angry woman after she has been accused of snatching men from women. The singer is cross with fellow women who continue to peddle lies against her.

Years after parting ways with NBS TV star MC Kats, Fille recently posted a cozy photo on Instagram with a hidden face of a man holding flowers and flashing an engagement ring.

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One week down the road, Fille has come out again on Instagram to address the issue of women who have been attacking fellow women saying they snatched their men moreover old men.

It is against this background that Fille advised them to fix their insecurities and work on themselves because there is always a reason as to why men run away from them.

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“I have been thinking about things that amuse me. I want to know women who attack other women claiming they took their men moreover their old men like who does that? Who comes picks your old ass men and take to themselves? Please stop antagonizing your fellow women,”

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Fille wants women to attack their men instead of attacking the women, because it’s not the woman that makes the first move.