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“Celebrate my sons when they’re still alive,” Chameleone’s mother tired of Ugandans’ hypocrisy

Prossy Mayanja is a woman that may not be known much, but she is a woman that has fed so much to the Ugandan music and art Industry. 

The woman is the woman behind the sensational hits that have rang through the ears of millions of Ugandans for decades, owing to the fact that she is the mother of several music stars, Pallaso, Jose Chameleone, Weasel, and Late AK-47.

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Being a mother to several music stars, Prossy has a big say on the music industry and her opinion is highly respected.

It is against this background that she has implored Ugandans’ to celebrate their music stars more when they are still alive, not after their death.

Mama Mayanja said this during the remembrance ceremony of a fallen music star and a close friend to his sons, Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio at his home in Kagga.

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Radio passed on in 2018 February after a fatal bar brawl in Entebbe. Since his death, Ugandans have always taken it upon themselves to celebrate the music star every 1st of February, a day he succumbed to the wounds.

However, Mrs. Prossy Mayanja feels Ugandans should desist from this hypocritical tendency of celebrating stars after they die, saying it is better to show love to them while they live.

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This echoes the exact sentiments of his son, Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone who also said he wants to be cherished and not harassed whole he is alive, saying being celebrated and revered after his death is a mere act of pretence.