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“Bobi Wine contributed nothing to my wealth,” Mikie Wine betrays his brother, spills family secrets as he dines with  ‘enemy’ Pastor Bujingo (Screenshot)

It’s not an open secret that House Of Prayer Ministries Church lead pastor Aloysious Bujingo is a man that doesn’t get all well with former presidential hopeful Bobi Wine, born Robert Kyagulanyi.

The two have over the years been exchanging jibes and the pastor has time and again hurled insults scorn at the National Unity Platform (NUP) president and his supporters. It however appears this is not a point of brother to Bobi Wine’s own blood brother Mikie Wine.

The singer has, despite his support for the NUP left many Ugandans in shock after he visited and performed at the embattled Pastor’s church on Sunday.

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Social media has since been awash with many questioning why Mikie would accept to dine with his brother’s adversary.

However, Mikie while speaking to a local television, he revealed that Ugandans always upset him whenever they attribute his success to his brother yet he has worked so hard for all of it without any help from his bigger brother. The Sulubada boss insisted that Bobi has not contributed anything to his music journey even though he was once a protege at Fire Base Management.

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“People used to say that I was singing because of Bobi wine. All my money and everything, there’s no Bobi’s contribution. He has not contributed anything towards all my success,” He asserted.

Nevertheless, many continue to bash him for his latest antics, saying he should have some loyalty to his brother.

“Stop eating with our enemies like hajji Bujjingo,” Bangi Eva commented on the Singer’s recent post.

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“Mikie I love you so much naye wamazemu amanyi .. I couldn’t believe it was you at Bugingo’s church kale..” a one Craic Alyssa fumed.

“Byewakoze tebiliyo.. you can’t dine with someone we are boycotting and you say you are one of us. So tolina kyogenda tunyoyola. ” Lay Umar hit out.

Despite the outrage, Mikie remains defiant, saying he has nothing to apologise for, saying he and Bobi Wine live different lives and both have different enemies and friends alike.

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