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Uganda celebrates life of legendary Mowzey Radio

The Uganda entertainment fraternity was in shock after receiving the news about the death of Mowzey Radio, it was hard to believe but it was true the legend had gone.

The 33-year-old who is part of the globally acclaimed Ugandan music duo, Goodlyfe Crew, died on February 1, 2018, at a private hospital in Kampala where he was being treated after a reported bar brawl.

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The legend of Mowzey Radio has been told, untold, and retold. He was exceptionally talented not only as a vocalist but also as a lyricist who dazzled the masses with his philosophy and melodies.

His unforgettable voice and magical lyrics prompted fellow celebrities, journalists, media personalities, family, and friends to annually celebrate his life.

As we write this, the ceremony is going on at the late’s home in Kagga, Nakawuka where hundreds are celebrating him.

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Candles have been lit and prayers have been prayed for the most celebrated singer in Uganda. 

Through their Facebook page “Radio and Weasle”, Weasel has shared his condolences recalling how he fainted after hearing the news of his partner’s passing. 

“It was this very day 2018 when the radio changed frequency…. The airwaves went mute .. the streets went silent with shock and great fear. The King was gone. This very day I fainted like twice and I was out on an emergency drip to get me back up so that I can hold it together for our family and fans. We celebrate your legacy always Moses. Hopefully next year we shall be holding a radio festival,” He wrote.

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