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Home Entertainment VIDEO: PM Robinah Nabbanja nearly flashes her ‘sumbie’ on camera while addressing...

VIDEO: PM Robinah Nabbanja nearly flashes her ‘sumbie’ on camera while addressing the media

VIDEO: PM Robinah Nabbanja falls off chair while addressing the media, nearly flashed her sumbie on camera

Rt Hon Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has made comedy live in front of the camera as she was battling with her tongue to find the right English words to tell the media during an address about the fuel crisis in the country.

The viral video shows Nabbanja struggling to explain how she instructed Energy minister Ruth Nankabirwa to order commissioners for energy regarding fuel shortages and skyrocketing prices in the country.

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However, midway through the address, Nabbanja confessed she was out of words. She laughs and sinks in her chair and this is where more hell happened.

Download the video here.

PM almost fell off her chair only surviving to hit her head on the floor by a whisker.

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Nabbanja’s God is still working for her and seems to have no witch behind her back as she survived flashing her ‘sumbie’ to tens of cameras. If she had fallen, she would see her dress overturning to her head leaving her down half exposed. Thank God she didn’t fall!!!!!.

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Watch the video below: