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VIDEO: Kaye Wisdom curses Lanek over his vision that Museveni won’t open concerts

The bitter war between the warring parties in the gospel music industry is not about to end. The two camps of Kaye Wisdom and Lanek are back at tearing at one another.

This comes after Lanek took to the streets in protest, claiming that he received a vision that president Yoweri Museveni will not open concerts when reopening the economy at the start of the new year. Lanek, carrying a crucifix and holding a Bible ran to the streets to plead to Museveni to open up the music industry.

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Now, his opposite rival Kaye Wisdom has branded Lanek an opportunist and con-man who is seeking for attention. 

Kaye in the latest video has lashed out at Labek saying all he should be dreaming about is the witchcraft in his house and not about what Museveni will say.

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Watch the video below: