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“I fear for my life,” Social media sensation “Omugenzi” speaks out

Social media is buzzing with memes of an elderly man, Godrey Jjemba who has made his name from reading announcements at funerals. 

Many have made fun of his picture by adding captions on it for example, “Omugenzi yalaamye nti ekisaati Kya Drew nekipale Kya Diyo mukiwe mugandawe” 

The memes have forced netizens to search for Jjemba and get more clips of him still reading from a paper to an audience.

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Unlike many people who get excited after becoming famous, Jjemba is concerned about his safety.

While speaking in an interview with a local TV station, he said that he is worried about his life as his pictures and identity is getting disclosed.

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To him, his pictures trending may trigger police or the government to hunt, abduct and torture him.

“I  don’t know why I have trended. I’m scared on the side of the government. I don’t know what will follow, because many people are telling me I’m on social media. They may track me down and arrest me and take me in a car then drive me to someplace I don’t know,” He said with fear in his eyes.

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Jjemba narrated how famous he has become.

“Wherever I go, people show me my pictures and I have no option but to accept that it’s me in the pictures,” He explained.