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SCREENSHOTS: Primah Kardash exposed by Primah Lusaniya chef for defaulting 600k

Socialite Primah Kardash’s former chef at her Primah Lusaniya named Mawanda Hamza has cried out for help claiming that the socialite has refused to pay his salary. 

According to Mawanda, Primah deliberately refused to pay him his salary worth 600k. 

“Primah Kardash has failed to pay me my salary of May- June that ran from 19th May to 19th June. I started working for Primah on 19th July 2020  Ela I’m the chef she started with at her restaurant Primah Lusaniya located at Impala hotel and I was being paid 600k per month,” He said.

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All were allegedly moving on well until lockdown came in and he was laid off. 

“So I ceased working for her on that very date when my salary was due,” He added.

Mawanda says that the restaurant management said they would call him back to work after the lockdown but to his dismay, they instead hired another chef to fill in his position. He, therefore, started demanding his salary.

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“I have demanded for my money for 6 full months now but the woman doesn’t want to pay me,” Mawanda.

After demanding the money for long, Primah explained to him that the restaurant was affected by the lockdown and can only afford to pay him half of the salary he is demanding. 

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“I rejected her idea because I wasn’t working with them during g lockdown so that wasn’t an excuse. Other workmates during that month of May-June got all their full salaries. My point in question is why is she giving me less money,” He narrated.

Check out screenshots below;