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Ray G’s ex-girlfriend Liz Ankunda spits his dark secrets

After singer Muhairwe Reegan alias Ray G lost his newborn baby with his wife Annabelle Twinomugisha, his ex-lover Liz Namara Ankunda jubilated through social media saying that he will face more problems.

Liz said that the singer chose to put her through so much pain and therefore he deserves nothing but pain too.

Many social media users actually hurried to think that she was the one that killed the baby as a way of revenge. 

However, Liz has denied killing the baby but insisted that all she wants for Ray G is pain and grief.

“I didn’t kill anyone’s child but I can never be happy for Ray G in my life. I made that post to let him know that the child died because of my tears, tears of a heartbroken woman. You know when a woman kneels and prays to God, you finally get the pain. People just me because they don’t know the pain I am going through,” She said in the audio. 

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Additionally, Liz revealed why she hates Ray G so much. She explained that she had been cohabitating with him for many years and had built themselves only for him to dump her for another woman (Anabelle).

“Do you know how many years that man lagged me behind, I was a submissive woman, I decided to be a good wife for so many years for him. I was in Mbarara without friends, always on the farm looking after chicken, I never used to move anywhere that’s why I didn’t know that he was planning to marry someone else. I would have used my time to do many things because I had my money but I wasted it on him. 

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“I left ‘kyeyo’ and came back for him. We bought plots of land, and he even got his own car all because of my sweat. I invested so much in him,” Liz painfully said.

Furthermore, Liz narrated that she got to know that he was cheating after he went on an interview and denied ever dating her. She however didn’t know that he was ready to marry the girl he was cheating with. 

“I got to know about that girl on my birthday when he posted my pictures. She told someone that he wants to marry her but keeps on posting another woman’s pictures. She then contacted me and said that my husband wants to marry someone else but she didn’t say, she was the one he wants to marry. I did my research but he denied everything, he even told her to stop disturbing me that am his wife,” She revealed.

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Heartbroken Liz said that what hurt her most was when she got sick and instead of being with her in the hospital, he was busy in Anabelle’s rental cheating.

“I got a problem in my stomach but that man used to leave me in the hospital and go cheat on me with that girl without my knowledge. He lied to us that he was in Kampala, then he sent his friend to check on me,” She said.