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Home Entertainment Fresh details about TV star Anita Fabiola and father’s relationship emerge

Fresh details about TV star Anita Fabiola and father’s relationship emerge

The audio surfaced online yesterday in which media personality Anita Kyarimpa aka Anita Fabiola was heard using demeaning language to insult her father, Mathias Mugisha while accusing him of beating her brother to a pulp.

In the audio, Fabiola went on to call her father a dog and regretted being his daughter. 

Many social media users have since then been insulting Fabiola saying that she lacks manners. These claim that parents never do any wrong and deserve respect. 

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A few internet users have however joined Fabiola in abusing her father claiming that he may not have been there as a good parent while she was growing up hence a poor relationship between themselves.

Kaggwa Maiga Andrew, a renowned journalist at Daily Monitor has today revealed that, unlike the assumptions, Mugisha has been there for Fabiola as a good father.

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“But that man has been there for Fabiola through thick and thin. I know her father, he is my friend. I got to meet him when we were in school, Fabiola, then Anita Kyarimpa was many classes below us. But then I met him when I became a journalist, that’s because I cover art, I’ve been to many of his exhibitions. His truly supportive of the daughter for years. I wonder what went wrong. I don’t want to judge her, though I know he’s been very supportive even when everyone literally ridiculed Fabiola, that guy was always there,” Kaggwa said. 

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