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“If he is poop, that means you are poop too,” Netizens blast TV star Anita Fabiola for insulting her father

There is an audio making rounds on social media in which media personality Anita Kyarimpa aka Anita Fabiola is heard hurling insults at her father, Mathias Mugisha, accusing him of beating her brother to a pulp.

“You dog, you stupid coward, you are so stupid. You’ve beaten your child and put him in ICU, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so stupid? You stupid coward, you are such an idiot you dog. If I could vomit you, I would. You are so stupid, how did you even give birth to me you dog? You are like feaces,” She bitterly said in the audio.

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Because of this, social media users have decided to blast the media personality saying that regardless of what her father did, he deserves respect as a parent.

“Amazi gazaala mazi tewelabira, Teri mazi gava mu Apple. So kitawo bwaba mazi gwe olimuwumbo. ” Which loosely translates as ” poop gives birth to poop, don’t forget. So if your father is poop, you are also poop,” Omario Mugema said. 

“You cursed yourself by abusing your father and that man is going to dump you just wait, you can’t mock your father and come here to boast and post nosense,” Oweishe Twongyeire Daniel.

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“It’s hard to tell who’s good or bad, between a parent and a daughter. But part of the reason why we get educated is to get civilisation to differentiate us from animals on the basis of conscious intellect. The best one can do for a bad parent is to avoid being like him by keeping quiet otherwise exchanging verbal artillery with them means there is a genetical transfer of bad traits from the father to the child, meaning both are the same,” Denis Muhereza. 

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Akiida Net and some other netizens have asked Fabiola to apologise to her father.

“Please Anita Fabiola, we know it was too bad for what father did, but he remains your dad. He made a big mistake but it wasn’t good to do what you did and all those words you used, please for the sake please ask for forgiveness from your dad,” He said.

Listen below;