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Spice Diana’s bitter war with Tinah Fierce takes another twist

A few days ago, we reported how former Sqoop on Sqoop presenter Tinah Fierce told Spice Diana to stop making noise for Ugandans after she failed to win at Janzi awards that happened last week and go wear her fake and cheap shoes and clothes. 

Tinah made the statements in video clips which were also uploaded on her YouTube channel. 

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Spice Diana contacted YouTube and claimed their copyright. The videos were deleted from Tinah’s channel and two copyright strikes were issued to her.

This means that if she receives another copyright strike while the other two are still active, her channel will be permanently deleted by the video sharing company for violating their copyright guidelines. 

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Tinah has shared screenshots showing how the copyright strikes were issued to her after Spice Diana contacted the company. 

She also mentioned that Spice Diana’s manager contacted and issued threats to her. 

“Spice Diana your manager just called threatening me! I don’t take it lightly! 0759454837 is the number he used and we have tracked it to him. If anything happens to me or my name nigger you are going down with me. I’ve contacted the authorities and they are in the know,” Tina tweeted.

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