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Full Figure supports Prince Omar for denying Grace Khan’s child

Singer Jennifer Full Figure is one woman who is never shy of speaking her mind even when it is a very divisive opinion. The motor mouthed singer will always never shy away from making her feeling known.

Now she has come out to give her take on the highly talked about an affair between singer Prince Omar and Grace Khan that gave birth to baby Illona Grannah.

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It should be noted that during the course of Grace Khan’s Pregnancy, reports were always coming through that the child was fathered by singer Prince Omar despite the fact that both Omar and Khan disputed the reports. However, the latest developments have indicated that the pair actually slept together.

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A viral audio in which Omar is heard explaining why he refused to take responsibility for the pregnancy has confirmed fears. Omar in the audio insists he told Khan he was not ready to be a father but Khan insisted on retaining the Pregnancy, a reason why he let him be.

Now Full Figure has supported Prince Omar, saying he was right to deny the Pregnancy since Grace Khan decided to retain the pregnancy against his advice.

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Full Figure argues that since Grace was told to terminate the pregnancy and she refused, she should face the consequences of raising the child single handedly. Full Figure Supports Prince Omar For Denying Grace Khan’s Child