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Omulangira Suuna wins NBS/Sanyuka TV journalists, ordered to retract false statements and pay fine

Uganda Communications Communication (UCC) has ordered Sanyuka TV to apologise to singer Omulangira Suuna and retract their statements after finishing investigations into allegations that they spread false information about him.  

The commission has directed the TV’s presenters Kayz, Marko and Wako to retract their statements . 

“Sanyuka TV should immediately retract statements  that were made against the complainant during it’s program Morning Express that aired on the 27th of August 2021. The retraction should be effected by broadcasting an unconditional apology to the complainant during the same program. The presenters should ensure that the apology is made with an equivalent degree of prominence and timing in accordance with Regulation 12 of the Uganda Communications (Content) regulations 2019,” UCC directed.

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Additionally, the media house has been ordered to provide space to Suna so he can tell his side of the story. 

“Sanyuka TV should immediately provide space and time to the complainant and/or his lawyers for him/them to appear during the same program MORNING ECPRESS and offer his side of the story in response to the allegations that were made against him. This content should be made with an equivalent degree of prominence like the impunged broadcast,” UCC.

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On top of that, Sanyuka TV has been as well directed to pay a fine to UCC for going against the minimum broadcasting standards.

“Sanyuka TV should pay to the Commission a fine of USD 260 for non-compliance with the minimun broadcasting standards and $260 for disturbing his peace,” UCC ordered

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“Sanyuka TV should file with the Commission evidence of fulfilment of all the above directives within a period of five (5) days from the date of this decision,” UCC further states.

The Commission has also recommended OS Suna to sue for damages. 

“The complainant may persue his claim for damages in a competent couet if jurisdiction,” UCC statement reads.

Check out full statement below.