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VIDEO: Chosen Becky confirms breakup with baby daddy Dictator Amir

There have been rumours that singer Chosen Becky split with her boyfriend and baby daddy Dictator Amir after finding romantic conversations between him and another woman in his phone. 

The pair have been quiet about the rumours but signs of a break up were all over. For example, Amir stopped promoting Becky’s music on all his social media platforms. He also stopped praising her on social media.

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While speaking in an interview with a local YouTuber, Becky confessed that Amir is no longer handling her music business. 

Becky explained that she separated from all her managers.

“Covid came when I had separated from all Managements. I Becky, I’m my manager now. If you have any business, go to my Facebook page, there is an Airtel number, call on it and you’ll reach me directly,” She said.

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Watch the video below: