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“I warned you! I will not rest until you pay for my years & money you wasted,” Ray G’s ex-girlfriend jubilates singer’s child death (Screenshots)

Liz Ankunda Namara, the ex-girlfriend of singer Muhairwe Reegan alias Ray G Rhiganz’ has through her social media platforms celebrated the death of the singer’s child with wife Annabelle Twinomugisha,

The newborn baby died on Monday, December 20, 2021, at only days old. According to BOOM.UG source, the baby experienced difficulties in breathing which prompted her death.

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In her celebrations, Namara has revealed that she invested her time and money in her relationship with Ray G only for him to dump her for Anabelle whom she claims is a renowned ‘sumbie’ vendor in Mbarara City.

“Dear Ray G I warned you to be careful with me after messing up the good life we had built together but you couldn’t listen coz that ka Mbarara’s public p**ssy had opened her dirty p**ssy for you now look at you!!!” She said.

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Additionally, Namara has said that she won’t give up on her fight against the singer.

“My beloved ex I will not rest until you pay for my years and money that you wasted…. Unless that you gonna cry until you leave this world,” Namara 

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In her other several social media posts, she vowed to physically harm the “Omusheshe” hitmaker if she ever gets in contact with him. 

See screenshot below: