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“Some artistes bought the awards!” Qute Kaye exposes dirt behind Janzi Awards

Singer Qute Kaye has given a rather interesting take on the just concluded Janzi Awards.

The awards have become a major talking point in the entertainment industry after many artistes came out to rubbish the awards, saying they were organized to be given out to selected individuals and not on merit.

One of the strongest critics of these awards was Spice Diana, who lashed out at the organisers of the awards or used the awards to fight some artistes.

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Spice wondered why artistes who had shone in other local and international awards were suspiciously missing on the winners’ rooster on the Janzi podium.

Now, Qute Kaye has come out to reveal the reasons that could be behind such a scenario, saying some awards could have been bought by the entertainers.

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He revealed that some artistes connived with the organisers to secure the Awards regardless of whether they are worthy winners or not.

“My observations about our awards is that we are still facing the same challenges that we faced right from the start. Our awards can also be bought. An artiste can buy an award or can reach an agreement with the organizer that just give me the award of artiste of the year and retain the money that comes with it. You know, we are in show business and an award can boost an artiste’s bragging rights,” Kaye observed.

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