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“It was a one night stand, I didn’t expect a child,” Prince Omar on Grace Khan’s baby

Singer Prince Omar has come out and spoken about his baby with Grace Khan in leaked audio.

The singer has said that what happened between him and his fellow singer was a one time thing and that he didn’t expect it to result into a child.

“It was a situation of meeting someone, something happens and you are not expecting anything more like a baby,” He said.

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Even though he didn’t expect the baby, Omar has promised to support Khan and their baby.

“Something happened unexpectedly and we don’t have any relationship, she’s not my girlfriend but we are going to work together and I will support her whenever I can,” Omar promised.

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There has been pulling of ropes between the two singers until recently when Omar finally succumbed to pressure and accepted Khan’s child as his.

In a social media post made days ago, he vowed to protect his daughter at all costs.

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“Little one, I can kill FOR YOU, my prayer before the day begins, I pray Lord to foremostly give you health, protect you and your mother, bl ss you and before this flight, I pray for the same all around for you truly a blessing,” he said.