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Home Politics JUST IN: NUP’s Nakwedde takes early lead in Kayunga LC5 poll

JUST IN: NUP’s Nakwedde takes early lead in Kayunga LC5 poll

The National Unity Platform -NUP candidate in the Kayunga LC5 election, Harriet Nakwedde has taken an early lead following the voting exercise on Thursday.

JUST IN: NUP’s Nakwedde takes early lead in Kayunga LC5 poll
Harriet Nakwedde with NUP president Bobi Wine

Provisional results from about 10 polling stations show that National Unity Platform -NUP candidate in the Kayunga LC5 election Harriet Nakwedde is far ahead of his closest rival, NRM’s Andrew Muwonge.

These results were announced at the polling stations after the completion of the voting process.

However, the official counting of the results is taking place at the tally centre established by the Electoral Commission (EC) at the Kayunga District headquarters.

The counting of the ballot papers comes amid allegations of ballot stuffing, intimidation of voters, and arrests of polling agents.

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The race has attracted six candidates including National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate Harriet Nakwedde who is running a tight race with National Resistance Movement’s Andrew Muwonge. Others are DP’s Anthony Waddimba and independent candidates Majid Nyanzi, Jamir Kamoga, and Boniface Bandikubi.

Tindian p/s polling station
NUP – 142
NRM – 30

Muwonge – 26 ,
Nakwedde – 57

Bukeeka first polling station
Nakwedde 80
Muwonge – 38

Bukeeka second polling station
Nakwedde – 111
Muwonge – 56

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Muwonge – 28,
Nakwedde -133,
Nyanzi – 27

Nyiize RC
Nakwedde – 60
Muwonge 46Tindian p/S

Bukolooto Sajjabi zone P-station
Nakwedde NUP -186
Muwonge NRM- 57

Wunga C/U polling station
Nakwedde NUP -154
Muwonge NRM – 27

Lwabyata P/S polling station
Nakwedde NUP -179
Muwonge NRM – 42

Kisawo A-M polling S
Nakwedde NUP 121
Muwonge NRM- 21

Kyampisa central A-M
Nakwedde NUP – 114
Muwonge NRM – 46

Kyampisa N-Z polling station
Nakwedde NUP 141
Muwonge NRM 69

Kayunga Playground
Nakwedde NUP 136
Muwonge NRM 24

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Nampanyi P-station
Nakwedde NUP -140
Muwonge NRM – 34

Bugogge PS
Nakwedde NUP – 188
Muwonge NRM – 54

Kitimbwa R/C polling station
Nakwedde NUP – 227
Muwonge NRM – 55

Nyiize COU Polling station
Nakwedde NUP – 86
Muwonge NRM -34

Namakandwa polling station
Nakwedde NUP- 120
Muwonge NRM- 64 Kigalama Borehole polling station,
Nakwede NUP- 41
Muwonge NRM – 23

Disclaimer! EC reserves the right to announce the official results. We will keep you posted.