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Spice Diana vows to sue Ugandan Awards’ organizers who dare nominate her in local awards

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Spice Diana

Singer Spice Diana has vowed to sue any local award organizers if they dare include her in their awards again.

“Remove them from those awards completely and stop nominating me. If you nominate me again, I’ll get you arrested. You are using my name to advertise your awards and then kill the name Spice Diana, before you put me on your nominees’ list, first give me a call and get my consent. If you don’t, I will get you arrested. And this goes to all Ugandan awards organizers, things will go bad for you if you put me in your awards,” She sounded a warning during an interview with a local Youtuber.

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The singer explained that she couldn’t digest how someone can be nominated in many categories and still not get any award.  

“Those awards are there for business so it comes with disrespect and people are using my brand to put me down. You can’t nominate me in more than 6 categories in your business,” She said.

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Spice added that Ugandans do not want her to win any awards. She also disagreed with many who claim that she is jealous of Azawi who defeated her and took the Janzi Female of the Year award.

“I haven’t been Won many awards so that’s why they got mad when I won the Zzina awards in those previous years. I’m not jealous, I wish everyone well and at my level, I nolonger need awards. I’m looking at bigger things,” She said.

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