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Lady Mariam ‘ Tindatine‘ dragged to police by sister over fraud

Singer Lady Mariam ‘Tindatine’s woes seem to have no end! The singer was weeks ago in the papers for all the wrong reasons after she reportedly conned her own sister of millions of shillings.

As we wrote this, the faded singer has yet again been dragged to police by her alleged sister Swabura over obtaining money by false pretence.

The struggling artiste was dragged to police after she ignored constant reminders by Swabura to pay her money as per the agreed dates which she failed to honour.

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Swabura alleges that she had entrusted the singer with her savings to help her purchase land but the singer just embezzled the money and denied having ever been entrusted money by Swabura.

Swabra also alleges that Lady Mariam duped her into investing in her bar only to make a u-turn and kick her out of it.

“Lady Mariam has done so many bad things to me. At first, I came from Malaysia with Shs 11m and she picked me from the airport. She then took me to her struggling bar in Kireka and said I can invest in it as she was going to Tanzania to get married and no longer needed it. She later came back and fired all the workers and reclaimed the bar with my money in it.

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“I told her to at least give me Shs 6m so that I go back for Kyeyo but she told she had no money even after selling off the bar. This is not the first time she’s chewing my money. Even after sending her the 7million shillings to buy me the house, she chewed it,” a teary Swabra recounted.

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Instead, Lady Mariam has reportedly been wanting to have her sister jailed for asking for what rightly belongs to her. At one time, Mariam got her arrested alleging Swabura had stolen from her. However, after Police learned both sides of the story and cleared her of any wrongdoing, advising her to involve her family members for help.

Swabra also shockingly said that Lady Mariam practices witchcraft and has enticed her several times to join her cult.