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“You have no idea what I have overcome to reach here!” Prince Omar responds to critics

Singer Prince Omar has had one over his naysayers!

Grace Khan curses Prince Omar for denying her pregnancy

The past few months have seen the struggling singer receive backlash and stick in equal measure after news surfaced that he got his fellow singer Grace Khan pregnant and refused to take responsibility.

To add more salt to injury, another woman he met on Facebook came out to claim the singer impregnated her and abandoned her and up to now continues to deny them child support, even after the child was born.

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Many social media users criticised Omar for being irresponsible and advised him to man up.

He however did not take notes as he went ahead and claimed that he has never met with Khan physically which makes it almost impossible to be the father of her baby.

Over the weekend, a video went viral in which he was seated outside Pead Medical Center holding a little baby. In the video recording, a voice of a woman was heard claiming that the singer had taken Grace Khan’s baby for a DNA test.

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Khan however came out yesterday and trashed the rumours saying that she hasn’t given her baby to anyone and requested that social media in-laws should keep her out of their publicity drama.

Through his social media platforms, Omar has now sent a message to his critics in a cryptic Facebook message, saying he has defied adversity to be who he is, insisting no one will bring him down.

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“A million dollar smile, drama, No noise can cut it short. A lot of bullshit I have overcome and out grown a lot of individuals who were cutting my career shirt!!!!!!!!!!” He said.