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Home Entertainment “Never nominate me in such fake awards,” Spice Diana blasts Janzi Awards...

“Never nominate me in such fake awards,” Spice Diana blasts Janzi Awards organizers (Screenshot)

Man claiming to be Spice Diana's ex-lover surfaces
Spice Diana

Singer Spice Diana always gets awarded in local awards but shockingly this time around, she didn’t manage to get any award in the Janzi awards.

The singer has showed her disappointment in the organizers of the awards saying that many deserving artists were not awarded. She added that the purpose of the awards was to put some people down.

“The awards were meant to put some people down. If you feel like spice is not talented then don’t put me in your awards. If you don’t put me there, I’ll still keep going and won’t stop. Stop organizing awards to put others down.” She said during  a live Facebook video

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Spice almost dropped a tear during the live video where she also mentioned how the Award organizers wanted her to perform at the awarding ceremony but couldn’t reach an understanding with her manager.

“You only have your intentions, of making money that’s why they give you billions but you don’t want to spend it.

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My manager was contacted for me to perform at the awarding ceremony but when he told them the price they ran away. They were Giving me 1m when they gave them billions of money for organizing,” She added painfully

A section of Ugandans however were not afraid to inform the”body” hitmaker that she didn’t get any award because she’s not talented enough. They also reminded her that she isn’t good at singing with a band.

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Spice had this to say to the critics.

“Even if the band fails me, I still get paid for the rubbish I sing. If you think I’m not a good singer, then don’t nominate me. I’m going to say it again, the awards were fake. They don’t even come with money, they can’t even reach home because they are fake, they break while you are taking them home,” Spice.