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“I Paid For His First Hit, He Should Know I’m His Sponsor!” – Navio Spits Venom at Rapper GNL

The war of words between rappers Navio Kigozi and GNL Zamba has escalated. The two veteran rappers have been tearing at each other and exchanging beef and rubbing shoulders. The two are slightly faded in their music careers and there have been reports that they are fighting to make headlines in the papers.

But Navio insists he has no bad blood with Navio, saying that even back then when they were on top of their game, he had no issues with the “Story ya Luka” hit maker.

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“I have never had a real problem with GNL Zamba. It has always been a friendly competition in my view. And even in the earlier days. I never mentioned him on TV or anywhere. He is the one that was the first to mention me. He came at me. I actually never knew that we are beefing.” said Navio to a local media house.

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The “Nawuliranga” star further revealed that he is actually the one that paid for GNL’s first song when he was still an upcoming artiste. It should be remembered that Navio comes from a well to do family.  He claims to have paid for GNL’s clothes, studio time, and others as the rappers were working on his breakthrough hit “Soda Jinjale”. Navio adds that if GNL can’t respect him for his music, he should at least respect him for being his sponsor at one time in life.

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I’ve never had any problem with him. I even paid for his first hit “Soda Jinjale” and his other personal stuff and studio time. So you know, I’m one of his sponsors and I have no problem with him and his crew. But he needs to calm down.” ranted Navio.