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Home Entertainment Late Mama Briella Rachael’s old private conversation exposes Bruno K (Screenshots)

Late Mama Briella Rachael’s old private conversation exposes Bruno K (Screenshots)

After his fans asked why he wasn’t posting his baby Maama, singer Bruno K claimed that she always wanted to live a private life and wouldn’t be happy with him posting her. 

The fans at first believed Bruno’s statements until yesterday night when they found out the truth. 

Upon checking on social media, it has been discovered that Bruno’s baby Maama is called Nasasira Rachel but was using Nasasira Rachael on Facebook and Nasasira Ray Mercedes on Twitter. 

In her Facebook posts, a message in which she was saying how Bruno would kill her if she posted the kid’s picture has been recovered.

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“Baby nga tomuposintinga akuswaza” her Facebook friend named Mimi Maureen Sparks asked and she responded that ” the father will kill me the moment I post her”.

An old Twitter conversation has also surfaced showing how Rachel was asking for a music collaboration with Bruno k and B2C singers which now explains how she met with the former.

“I need a collaboration with you… I do reggea music, Please WhatsApp me on 0797330901 please or inbox me,” she said on October 10,2018. 

On October 15, 2018, she sent him another tweet “You are so sweet dear ” and he responded with “thanks dear “. 

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According to Rachael’s relatives, Bruno went on and started dating their daughter but things turned bitter when she told him she was pregnant. 

This has been confirmed by this website after recovering Rachel’s letter to Capital FM’s Daniel Irish Kanyerezi asking for advice on what to do saying that her baby daddy doesn’t want to see her.

“Hey Irish, I need your help. I have a problem with the father of my kid. It’s been a year now but the man doesn’t want to give me a chance to explain myself to him. By the time I got pregnant none of us was ready for it so I decided to keep the baby and take care of her. I have tried my best to talk to him but he is not giving me that time.  Me I have no problem if he does love me all I want is him to give me time and talk since there is a kid growing between us,” She wrote.

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BOOM.UG has also found many pictures of Rachel and her baby on her Facebook account making Bruno’s statements about privacy all lies.