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“My son is the rightful heir!” Kulthum Muzaata speaks out as battle for Muzata’s property rages on

It is less than a year since renowned Muslim cleric Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata passed on, but his family continues to make news for all the wrong reasons.

This is due to power struggle between wives and children to the deceased over property and who is the rightful heir.

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Muzaata’s youngest wife Kulthum is embroiled in a bitter war with her co-wives as she insists Muzaata had ordered that her son Anwar Ssesanga be the rightful heir after his demise.

This is however hugely protested by other wives and children, as well as elders and leaders is the Islamic Faith. They instead chose Amjad Ssozi as the heir during a Dhuwa organised by Muzaata’s family last weekend.

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However, Kulthum remains defiant, saying no one has the power to side step the wishes of the deceased cleric.