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Prof Kayiwa warns lawyer Mabirizi over dragging Pastor Bugingo and Suzan Makula to court

Lawyer Male Mabirizi risks having his legal credibility put into question and paying costs to the suit in case he loses his legal battles against Pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

Mabirizi ran to court to challenge Bugingo’s marriage to Suzan Nantaba Makula over conducting what he calls an illegitimate marriage.

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Mabirizi says by being introduced by Suzan Makula last weekend and intending to tie the knot with her is illegal since he is still legally married to Teddy Naluswa Bugingo and his faith doesn’t allow taking a second bride and wedding her.

However, according to professor Kayiwa, Mabirizi and his legal case will not stand the test of time since it holds no credibility.

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Kayiwa says both Bugingo and Teddy Naluswa tried all the possible avenues and sis everything within their power to keep their marriage but it all didn’t work out.

Kayiwa’s words share the same opinion with other city propagandists such as Frank Gashumba and Kato Lubwama who say the man of God has a right to happiness, saying there is no way he could have kept in an abusive marriage if he has the means to opt out.

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