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Bruno K in bitter row with Diamond Oscar over well wishers’ money

Singer Bruno K has proved himself to have a big heart. Whenever there is a call for a helping hand or need, the sensational singer always comes in and offers help.

Just this year alone, he has helped at least four people namely, Diamond Oscar and the three “Muwunya” boys.

Bruno recently called out well-wishers to come together and rescue faded Oscar whose situation had deteriorated due to alcohol addiction.

Through interviews and social media posts, he was able to mobilise for money and items to help him start a new life.

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However, Oscar is now accusing Bruno of stealing his money. According to him, Bruno took advantage of his situation and collected money from people for himself as didn’t hand it over to him.

“He beat my friend, I don’t know if it’s about money or what.  Bruno is my friend but what he is doing is bad. You are taking advantage of me. All the money he collected from people, he gave me only 200k. He got all the items he gave me for free, he didn’t buy them using his money that’s Clothes, etc.

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Pallaso gave me 1million but I was told that he gave me 500k. I didn’t get even the said 500k, it’s with Bruno K.

Even when I was given 500k (by someone else), I gave 400k to Bruno K to deposit it on my account to do music.” He cried out

Bruno K allegedly used some of the money to pay for Oscar’s new song’s video shoot but he ( Oscar ) refused to attend it.

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“I refused it because they wanted to do many events in one day. You can’t do a meeting, video shoot and house searching in one day. I told them to wait and we just have a meeting only,” Diamond explained.

Oscar also revealed that he was disappointed in Bruno for beating his friend yet he claims to be a good person.