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Home Entertainment NTV’s Lynda Ddane ‘Regrets’ Her Appearance in B2C’s “Munda Awo”

NTV’s Lynda Ddane ‘Regrets’ Her Appearance in B2C’s “Munda Awo”

Media personality Lynda Ddane Uwamahoro says she was disappointed in B2C’s “Munda Awo” after it was released and she couldn’t find her favorite shots. The NTV Dance Party host featured in the song as the lead vixen and led off amazing dance moves that endeared her to the viewers.

However, according to her, she was disappointed after the song’s release since it didn’t meet her expectations.

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The song vixen says that there are particular shots of her that were taken during the video shot but were excluded upon editing which turned her off.

“What annoyed me was there are things I did that were not included in the video. I had the liberty to do everything I wanted,” she stated. 

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Linda however says that she benefited and got more hype and vibe because for so long she had longed to appear in a music video as a vixen. She said when the chance popped up, she couldn’t think about having no for an answer. Nevertheless, she had to set very strict conditions, demanding to be the only girl in the video or else she would not appear. 

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“Of course I had my conditions. To be in it, I had to be the only vixen not with six other girls dancing” she boasted.

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