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“Art is a collaborative venture,” Keneth Mugabi heaps praises to Ykee Benda

Kenneth Mugabi a gifted song writer and soulful performer with his unique voice and ability to write beautiful Afro-soul music, on Saturday held an album listening party as part of showcasing his musical talent.

With his voice making him a unique and enjoyable performer to watch, Mugabi drafted a big message for Ykee Benda on his timeline acknowledging his kindness after showing up at his Album listening party.

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The party that was attended on invitation saw Mugabi selling over 50 copies of the album.

“I’m stumbled upon Ykee Benda’s humility and kindness. While it may sound unclear to a few, the Ugandan Music industry is still held back by our unwillingness to support fellow artistes.

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“I invited Benda to my Album Listening party and he cancelled a business meeting just to be part of the event. Our music industry will only thrive if we choose to work together and wish ourselves well. Art is a collaborative venture and that is the way to go,” Mugabi posted.

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Additionally, Mugabi appreciated YKEE for being among the few musicians who bought a copy of his new album.