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Late Mowzey Radio’s wealth eaten by strangers as widow Lillian Mbabazi and Kids starve

Fallen singer Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio had a solid music career that spanned for more than a decade in which he achieved immense musical success and stardom. Along the way, the crooner amassed enviable wealth ranging from estates, apartments, and royalties from his music.

However, three years on from his tragic demise after THAT bar brawl in Entebbe, the singer’s vast wealth has least benefited his family and is being devoured by aliens.

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This has left his best known partner and baby mama Lillian Mbabazi struggling to make ends meet to be able to feed the late singer’s children.

Radio’s partner and confidant, Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel Manizo has been uncooperative and elusive every time that Lillian and Radio’s family have tried to make effort to ensure that Royalties from his music as well as the famed Neverland house benefit both Radio’s family and himself.

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It is believed that there is a silent property Row between Mowzey Radio’s family and the former associates of the singer.

Reports indicate that when Radio’s mother Kasubo Jane tried to follow up on issues of the royalties from the singer’s music, she was told of how she is not raising any of Radio’s children before being asked t open a bank account which remains empty to this day.

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With the biting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic taking their toll on the music industry, isn’t it high time Lillian got some support from her fallen husband’s fortune?