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“Give Birth For Roger Before Slay Queens Snatch Him From Your Fingers!” – Full Figure Advises Spice Diana

Ugandan singer Spice Diana may be always labouring to explain how her relationship with her manager Roger is purely business related, the nation is not getting deceived though.

The pair who have stuck together for years now seem to be more of an item than a singer- manager partnership are away rumoured to be bonking despite them denying the reports over time.

However, popular motormouth and NRM diehard, Full Figure thinks Spice Diana is risking losing Roger to city slay queens if she doesn’t do something to tie herself to him.

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While commenting on Lwasa and Diana Nabatanzi saga, Jennifer Nakangubi alias Full figure advised fellow singer Spice Diana to give birth before slaying queens who are ready to give birth can snatch her man.

“You should also give Roger children, you beautiful girls like Nabatanzi refuse to give men children which is why they are leaving you. Don’t you see you look good holding a baby..,” she said. 

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However, the “Twebereremu” singer replied to her saying that instead of giving old and disrespectful men like Lwasa children, she will rather wait and give birth at 40. 

“I rather give birth at 40 than having kids with a man who will publicize everything he has done for me to the public.  Let me make money as I wait for the right time.” Spice retorted. 

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Additionally, Spice corrected Full Figure saying that Roger is not her boyfriend, advising her to stop mentioning his name in the conversation he is already settled and found live already.