Home Entertainment “COVID-19 lockdown taught me a stern lesson,” – Gift Of Kaddo

“COVID-19 lockdown taught me a stern lesson,” – Gift Of Kaddo

Gift Of Kaddo Borrows Leaf From Zuena, Ventures Into Cake Business

Need some g-nuts? Give Gift of Kaddo a call! This is how the mighty have fallen. Once a revered singer under the Goodlyfe and later Kaddo Farm, faded Singer Gift of Kaddo is living a miserable life.

As a result of the COVID-19 induced lockdown in which concerts were barred, the singer’s meagre income dried completely, forcing him to devise other means of earning a living.

We earlier told you about how the singer had ventured into the cake making business.

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Gift Ov Kaddo selling groundnuts to earn a living
Gift Ov Kaddo

It now appears the cakes are not earning a good price and has now resorted to the more universal ground nuts.

The singer was bumped into selling groundnuts and revealed he s doing it as a side business to make ends meet.

Gift also called upon fellow musicians to have a side hustle, saying the COVID-19 lockdown taught him a stern lesson.