Home Entertainment NRM blogger Isma Olaxess jailed again

NRM blogger Isma Olaxess jailed again

NRM blogger Isma Olaxess jailed again
NRM blogger Isma Olaxess

Motor-mouthed blogger Isma Olaxess has turned into a jail bird after being arrested for the second time in a space of two months. 

After a full day of interrogation at CID Kibuli, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) blogger who claims to be Jajja Ichuli was detained on Monday and will appear before court today on charges of inciting violence.

On November 17, 2021, Olaxess took to his known Facebook page “Jaaja Ichuli” and praised terrorists responsible for the November 16, explosions in Kampala, urging them to commit more atrocities against Christians. He didn’t stop at that but also advised them to Target Christian churches and inside Parliament next time.

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The blogger’s rant was a reaction to his alleged upset that police always arrest Muslims as suspects in almost all terror attacks that happen in the country which he believes is intended to tarnish the Islam religion.

Although he came out and apologised for his statements and explained that he was driven by emotions, his apology did not stop Home Connect Properties Uganda limited from terminating his brand ambassadorial contract.

The Uganda Bloggers Association also forced him to step down as their president. Now, the law enforcement agencies have also apprehended him to pay for his tongue’s mischief.

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For many years, Ismah has used his social media platforms to abuse and make accusations against different people.

Just a few weeks ago, he was arrested together with Next Media Services’ employees over the defamation and character assassination of singer Omulangira Ssuna.