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Zari Hassan Fires Back at Netizens For Claiming She’s Too Old to Get Married Again

Zari Hassan is pregnant again!
Zari Hassan with new man “Dark Stallion” who a source says his real name is Jerry Ebi Ebi

On Monday social media users woke to pictures in which socialite Zari Hassan was dressed in traditional clothes while in the company of a man who was also in traditional wear.

The pictures prompted many to believe that the mother of five introduced the man to her parents as her husband. 

Many comments about the pictures were of people laughing saying that the socialite does not get tired of getting married!. 

“We are tired of her introducing every time, she is old let her rest ko,” Bukenya Isa said 

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“Easily the most married woman in East Africa,” Don E Andrew also said.

Zari trashed allegations that she introduced a new man to her parents in Munyonyo.

Zari came out and cleared the air saying that the pictures were taken during a gospel music video shoot in which she is a vixen adding that the guy is just a friend of hers. 

But people did not cease to talk ill about her hence coming out again to blast them.

In a video posted on her socials, the self proclaimed Bosslady has said that the people saying she’s too old to get married can not even have anyone to flirt with them. 

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“How many weddings of mine have you seen? You have failed, you don’t even have anyone who asks to take you out for coffee, all you know is talking about people, talking about How I’m 40 years  with five children but still getting married,” Zari.

Angry Zari said social media has hypocrites who disguise as diehards when in actual sense are haters.  

“I’ll nolonger explain, whatever you hear or see it’s up to you. Whichever way you understand it goes with that. I won’t stop living my life. 

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If we aren’t careful with these people called followers, they don’t like us. You don’t like us you just pretend that you are diehards, that you can die for us, why would you die? Am I water? Am I your oxygen?? That you love me so much you can die, then go and die because I don’t need you anymore,” Zari fired back to haters.