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NBS TV Journalists Kayz, Wako and Mako Attack Omulangira Suuna Live on TV, War Escalates

NRM Blogger Ashburg Katto, NBS TV Journalists Kayz, Bryan Wakko and Makko Remanded to Kitalya
Kayz (L), Bryan Wakko (M), Makko (R)

Next Media employees Isaac Kawalya aka Kayz, Brian Wako and Mako just got released from Kitalya prison on UGX10m non cash bail and they have already started attacking singer Omulangira Suuna that got them arrested.

During the “Xpress” show on Sanyuka TV today morning, the gossipy TV presenters have mocked Suuna saying that they don’t understand how he still taints his hair at his age. 

They went ahead and insisted that they won’t apologise to him. 

“We are going to start from where we stopped. If this is a film then it’s Expendable, any artsites without a hit song get ready for us, if you are 40 years and above but still tiny your hair we are coming for you, we aren’t regretting, we are uncensored, unfiltered and extremely very unapologetic,” They said

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Next Media Services has also stressed they won’t apologise to the singer. 

“There seems to be more to the case than meets the eye, and we are excited to bring that to life. Seat belts tightened.

“Ignore the rumors, just bail, nothing apologized for and from here, we proceed,” Desire Derekford Mugumisa, the Next Media Services PRO said on Facebook. 

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