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Alarms Against Pastor Bugingo Over his Remarks on Bobi Wine’s Bullet Proof Car

Social Media Up in Alarms Against Pastor Bugingo Over his Remarks on Bobi Wine's Bullet Proof Car

A video in which House of Prayer Ministries Aloysius Bugingo attacking Bobi Wine real name Robert Kyagulanyi for acquiring a bullet proof car has atoused untold anger on social media as fans to the singer slate the nan of god. Bugingo was so furious with Bobi Wine for helping himself to a luxurious monster machine while his supporters are still suffering and others languishing in prison. 

However, Bugingo’s comments have stirred up fire on social media as netizens hurled insults telling him to stay out of politics. 

During a service at his church, the pastor fumed; 

“Njagala mubelemu amagezi, gwowagila ayambala bullet proof, Kati nemotoka ajikyusiza teyitamu masasi gwotambuoura mukyi

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Naye mwe temubelako awo nemwebuuza nti emotoka etayitamu masasi munsi elimu government eba yakliyalingidwa etya, eda etya mumanya gomuntu nga takolagana na government….” 

However, critics to the man of God believe Bugingo has no grounds to give such a statement after his wife recently revealed that he gave her 2 million shillings to purchase a bra when his flock that pay tithe are still starving due to the COVID-19 lockdown. They also add that his children are attending school in United Kingdom when most of his sheep can not afford taking theirs to the cheapest schools.

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“But his kids are studying from here in UK why didn’t her take them to Ugandans schools if Uganda has the best education system just little brains” Nakimbugwe Shadia fired back.

“He has failed to build a presentable church for his flock, yet he lives in a mansion but he’s also judging. 

He must also think we don’t know about the 2m offertory he used to buy Makula’s bras. 

Just because we have ears alowoza tuli mbuzi” Bettie Elizaa-Beeti chipped in.

“It’s true your brain is your power, the same power you used to extort money from the poor sheep and buy 2 million bra and knickers, built massive houses but still won’t build a church which is primarily supposed to be built by that money” Keweider Mirundi Kabuleeta was more unforgiving.

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From the time Bobi Wine showed interest in contesting as president of Uganda, Bugingo has continuously attacked him and discouraged people from voting him  office. Days before the 14th January elections, he warned his flock against voting him because he supports homosexuality.

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