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VIDEO: “I bought you Vaseline for 3 years, why smear me with dirt?” MC Kats blasts Geosteady’s ex- wife Primah

VIDEO: MC Kats blasts Primah Kardash for back biting him with Fille
MC Kats - Primah

A few days ago Mc Kats’ baby mama Fille Mutoni, Geosteady’s baby mama Primah Kardash, and singer Babaritah appeared in a video discussing about relationships and ex-lovers.

In the video, Primah was seen encouraging Fille to move on if her relationship failed.

“Fille you are a brand if someone helped you reach where you are it does not mean they have become your mother or father.  If the relationship fails it’s very okay to move on, You don’t have to fear what people will talk about your life.

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“Fille, you have to move on because you have dreams and goals you want to accomplish,” Primah said.

MC Kats
Fille with Prima having a conversation about relationships and ex-lovers [file photo]

In the video, however, Primah did not mention Mc Kats’ name at all but the Mcee was furious during an interview with NBS television’s Kayz where he told the self proclaimed “Maama Lusaniya” to stop poking her nose in his business.

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Kats said he didn’t expect Primah to gossip about him after all he has done for her.

“Prima I have known you for long and you also attended my daughter’s birthday when she turned two years. You know your phone received money for Vaseline from me for over three years. So you sit down and start discussing me?” Angry MC Kats said.

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Watch the video below;