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“You’re Too Ugly To Be On TV!” – Sherry Matovu Goes In Hard On Anatalia Ozze As War Escalates

The war of words between Ugandan singer and  Bizigo specialist Sherry Matovu and NBS TV’s Anatalia Ozze is escalating so fast and will soon come to fist fights. What started as a simple remark on TV has spilled over into every social circle and become a hugely contentious issue that has set tongues wagging on social media. The key actors in this saga are also not helping matters.

From losing an election to being blasted in a Facebook live by singer Sherry Matovu, the year looks to have started on a sour note for UNCUT shot host Namboze Anette alias Anatalia Ozze. 

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In a savage facebook live sessiin, Sherry hit out so hard on Ozze saying the Lugambo queen has always tried to drag her down whenever a story about her comes up on TV. The latest remark from Ozze that Sent Sherry wild was that she ( Sherry) has dark knuckles as a result of bleaching. 

The singer has however hit back in full force and fury saying that Ana is too ugly to be on TV.

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” Yes you are dark skinned and dark skins are good but Ana you look so bad, if you reach a point of looking that bad while on TV then how about in person. I have seen you off TV and other people who have seen you know that you look so ugly. Ana start taking care of yourself because you look really bad.” She said 

Sherry went ahead to mention that people watch UNCUT show because of her co-host Zahara Totto and not Anatalia.

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“Zahara Totto is better than you, don’t lie to yourself that people watch that TV because of you, it’s because of Zahara Totto because she’s good. She shows people who she is unlike you who hides your real self. You are a bad person Ana” fumed Sherry. 

According to the singer, Ana is envious of her success, adding that the hate increased after she was sacked from Delta TV and her show was given to the singer.