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Pallaso Flies Back to South Africa, One Year After He Was Almost Killed There

Pallaso Flies Back to South Africa, One Year After He Was Almost Killed There

Uganda’s most in-form singer Pius Maganja alias Pallaso is a known daredevil. The singer who is free to start up a fight at the slightest provocation has always courted controversy, including entangled in  the infamous attacks in 2020 in Cyril Ramaphosa’s South Africa. 

However, as we wrote this, the singer is in his way back to South Africa after he was almost killed there in xenophobic attacks where other people of other nationalities living in south Africa were victimised.

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Now the singer has revealed through his social media platforms saying that he can’t wait to get back to the country.

“It’s been one year since I was in South Africa. My last trip changed me forever on the inside and outside. I love this country. I love the many great people I met, and the connections i made. I missed you all. I can’t wait to touch down my home away from home✈️✈️✈️” he said

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In February 2020 during the highly condemned Xhenophobic attacks in South Africa, the “Malamu” hit maker was attacked by a mob of about 100 people in Johannesburg who left him nursing wounds after he had gone there for a music video shoot. 

Pallaso was beaten to pulp in South Africa

Pallaso cried out for help saying that his life was in danger, taking refuge at a local school in Johannesburg. 

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” They cut me with machetes. When I fell down, the attackers didn’t hesitate to trample on me. I tried to run for my life only to be hit by a car. I fell on its bonnet,” the singer had cried out then.

He would later be saved by a GoodLife music ambassador in South Africa. 

We pray your latest trip doesn’t turn out tumultuous as the last one, Pius.