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Home Entertainment Rema Namakula Responds to Reports she Was Fired by Jesa Farm Diary

Rema Namakula Responds to Reports she Was Fired by Jesa Farm Diary

Female songstress Rehema Namakula alias Rema is a composed lady when it comes to dealing with widespread propaganda and talks on the social scene. The female songbird has always responded in a calm and composed manner in the face of controversy.

The latest was claims that she had been dumped as an ambassador for Jesa Farm Dairy and replaced by Singer Sheebah Karungi.

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The reports had made rounds that Rema was dumped, forcing Jesa company to come out to calm the flames by issuing out a statement. 

Rema, on her part, didn’t issue any statement. She has, however, gone ahead to go about her marketing business of Jesa products like there is no problem. 

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This indeed proves that she is still in charge and taking charge of her work.

“Anyday, anytime, anywhere. Fruit yogurt, peach and passion.

Jesa Farm Diary,”wrote Rema Namakula on social media.

This caused excitement among the thousands of fans on social media who congratulated her for retaining her gig against all odds.

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