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Home Entertainment “The ministry lies to me!” – Tumbiza Sound singer Eezzy cries out!

“The ministry lies to me!” – Tumbiza Sound singer Eezzy cries out!

Singer Erick Opoka alias Eezzy is crying foul after the Ministry of Health ( MOH) failed on its promise to release money meant to record and release his ” Tumbiiza sound” remix as requested by them. 

According to Eezzy, the ministry has never fulfilled their promise of funding his remix even after making him lose money and views on his original track. 

The singer says that he wrote and sent lyrics of the remix to the ministry but has never been replied to and has therefore not got a single coin from them to record the purported remix.

” I was promised that they will cater for the remix and asked me to pause the Tumbiza Sound. No one has called me yet I submitted the lyrics. I don’t know what is happening,” a distraught Eezzy narrated.

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Additionally, Eezzy asserts that many of his fans were made to think that the song was completely banned and they stopped playing or even listening to it for fear of getting arrested hence which reduced views and therefore loss of money on the original song.

On 29th December, 2020 the Ministry of Health, Uganda Communications Commission officials, and Eezzy escorted by two other people met and agreed that he should do a remix of his banger advising people to respect and follow Covid 19 guidelines. The song was to be a counter track against his original which called on people to disregard the guidelines and hit the bars to dance behind the police’s back.

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Ezzy was requested to write, record, and release both audio and video of the remix within 14 days, with the ministry promising to meet all the costs.

However, while responding to Eezzy’s complaint, the MOH public relations officer Emmanuel Ainebyoona said that the ministry has never promised to fund any of the singer’s projects adding that he was only requested to do a remix of the song.

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“We asked him to write the lyrics and submit them to us, which he did and we replied to him. We are now waiting for the song. There was nothing like finances involved. We did not promise him any money,” Ainebyoona explained.

Ministry of Health had written to UCC requesting them to ban the ” Tumbiiza sound” song with claims that it was misleading people about COVID-19 due to its lyrics. 

However, the singer said he was inspired by his friend who was suffering due to the lockdown hence singing inform the ministry that bars can still operate under strict measures.