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Money meant for singer Lil Pazo’s medical bill stollen by Gulu mafias

According to reports, Gen Salim Saleh released money to support ailing singer Lil Pazo Lunabe unfortunately it has not reached him yet. 

Reports allege that the people who were given the money to give it to Lil Pazo are still keeping it instead of giving it to the singer who is currently fighting for his life. 

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“I’m reliably informed that Gen Saleh sent monetary support to him but some heartless mafias are withholding the money for egotistical motives,” a source revealed. 

The singer all of a sudden fainted in Bombo where he and other artistes were meeting with Gen Salim. He was then rushed to the hospital and doctors operated on him thinking that he was suffering from ulcers but upon doing the surgery and a scan they found out that he has a liver problem. 

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According to his wife, doctors found water accumulating in his stomach hence putting a tube to suck it out.