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Interesting facts about celebrated NBS TV journalist Canary Mugume that you didn’t know

Truth you didn’t know about celebrated NBS TV journalist Canary Mugume

If you have a TV or a radio set in your home, then you have already seen and heard the young handsome news anchor by the name of Canary Mugume.

It’s hard for news anchors to become household names but this young man has the flamboyance, vigor, charisma, good looks, and confidence that’s caught the attention of many young girls.

What is Canary Mugume’s tribe?

Born in the Western part of Uganda in Mbarara city on January 5th, 1995 to Mr. Nathan Mugume and Miss Nasasira Alice, Canary who is a Munyankore by tribe.

Canary Mugume’s Education

Canary started his educational journey at Mbarara Municipal primary School, then Mbarara Secondary School, and went to Lutembe International school for his secondary education later joining the International University of East Africa where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in information technology.

Canary’s trek in journalism did not start yesterday but rather at the age of 9 years when he was reading kid’s news on radio west.

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He later worked with Urban TV during his form six vacation, channel 44 for their youth program where he was picked up by Kiira road-based TV station NBS.

He’s currently doing investigative journalism as the chief correspondent of the station’s COVID 19 updates and also hosts a talk show dubbed the ‘The Big Talk’ on NBS sister radio station Nxt FM where he discusses the big stories of the week with the big names in the respective fields.

NBS’s following has recently gone up among the female folk because they cannot have enough of this baby faced news anchor and of recent has been appearing on NBS weekend dance parties which have helped to propel the station’s viewership to big numbers. Some ladies are seen commenting on posts involving him expressing their undying love for the young man.

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Is Canary Mugume married?

Canary is not married, unfortunately, though, for the ladies, he is engaged to long time girlfriend and former TV presenter Sasha Ferguson.

These two met while Sasha was working on the now-defunct WBS TV teen program. She says that Canary was working with Buzz events company and the two met when Canary and his company had come to promote their events at the station and Sasha was asked to handle them.

Canary fell for the young belle who was 17 by then and the two kept on seeing each other and their affection for one another grew even stronger. However, these two’s relationship has seen some hard times just like any other young couple but they always manage to patch up their differences and get back together because their love is strong. Canary also proposed to his girlfriend on an exotic gateway last year.

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Does Canary Mugume have twins?

Last year news circulated on social media about how the two had welcomed twins and messages congratulating the two were powering in. Canary was however quick to point out that the twins were not his and girlfriend Sasha but rather a friend’s known as Michael Bolton Ayebs. 

Canary also has a great sense of fashion and in his earlier years participated in fashion galas where he won the 2014 Uganda fashion Awards for best runway model and also won an Abryans award for his fashion blog in 2016. He intended to represent Uganda internationally but always gave journalism the upper hand thus his fashion desires are put at bay for now. Canary was also said to be a rapper in his high school years.